Avocado Pesto Pasta Recipe

One of my favorite recipes that my mom would make when I was growing up was chicken pesto pasta. I had pretty much forgotten about pesto in college and had never made it for myself, but was recently inspired to pick it back up again.

This pesto re-discovery came about when I saw that a good friend’s blog, Jessi’s Joys, published a post that included avocado pesto pasta.  To me, this was a brilliant idea: avocado would add an incredible richness to the pesto without interfering with the basil flavor – and I could make it totally without dairy!

I tried the recipe for the first time a few weeks ago, and I can easily say that it will be repeated many times over.  Though I was inspired by Jessi’s recipe, in addition to recipes here and here, I had to modify them to fit some of my dietary restrictions.  If you aren’t sensistive to pine nuts or some of the other ingredients I cut out, by all means include them when you make this yourself.  But from my experience, avocado pesto can be increedibly tasty with a few simple ingredients.

For my version, I used the following:

1/2 ripe avocado
1 small bulb of roasted garlic (I like a lot of garlic, but you can do more or less to taste)
1/2 T olive oil
1 cup fresh basil leaves (again,more or less to taste)
salt & pepper

Toss everything in a food processor or blender, and away you go! I put my pesto over my favorite brown rice pasta, and ate it along side steamed broccoli and turkey burgers with more of roasted garlic on top (see photo above).  It was filling in the best way, incredibly easy to make, and something I would love making for friends.  I hope you get to try it some time soon!

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